EPA’s SMM Electronics Challenge: Dell, Xerox and Best Buy Win 2018 Champion Awards

The United States Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Sustainable Materials Management (SMM) Program awards participants who have achieved notable environmental results by “rethinking business as usual and committing to innovative and responsible end-of-life electronics management.”

This year, EPA has awarded Dell, Inc. the 2018 Gold Champion Product Category Award for its Closed Loop Gold Recycling Program. “By using gold reclaimed from used electronics, Dell is reducing its demand for mining of gold ore, resulting in a decrease in associated environmental impacts from gold mining.”

EPA also awarded Xerox the 2018 Gold Champion Non-Product Category Award for the company’s strategy for take-back and remanufacturing of their toner cartridges and other imaging products.”

EPA also awarded Best Buy Co., Inc. a 2018 Silver Champion Award Cutting Edge Winner for its TeenTech Centers Initiative. “These centers contribute to Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) education for underserved youth in the United States through the reuse of older electronics and new equipment that gives these youth the opportunity to learn about STEM related disciplines…”

More information about the EPA SMM Electronics Challenge is available on the EPA Website.