Stay Motivated in Mindfulness!

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What to do Post-WASTECON

We are now two weeks past WASTECON® 2019: Pathway to Innovation in Phoenix, Arizona. Some of you may be trying some of the new mindfulness techniques at work or using the new industry knowledge in the field. Others…not so much. Maybe you aren’t sure how to implement what you’ve learned at WASTECON or don’t feel you’re in a position to make a change. Here are some of our tips and tricks to take all that you’ve learned at WASTECON and apply it to your daily work life!

  1. Follow Up on Connections. You have collected business cards and made new connections at WASTECON. Now is the time to follow up with your new network! Invite your new contacts to connect on LinkedIn. You can even send them a quick message like “It was great meeting you at WASTECON!” or continue the conversations you had. Hint:  The WASTECON Mobile App still has the attendee networking feature available in case you lost a business card or want to connect with a speaker or exhibitor.  Exhibitors – now is your time to follow-up with all the contacts you met. Make it worth your while!
  2. Reference the Playbook. Use your playbook to go through notes you made and the activities you did at WASTECON. Getting back into the mindset you had in the moment will be helpful in applying those new findings now that you’re back at the office.
  3. Share the Highlights. Share what you learned at WASTECON with your colleagues. Get the most out of your investment and catch them up with all that happened in Phoenix. Encourage your coworkers to bring their lunch and join you as you talk about your experience. Open up a discussion on how these ideas can be applied to your organization.
  4. Put Mindfulness into Practice. Start your meeting with a new mindfulness practice or take 10 minutes of your lunch to mediate and get yourself balanced again. Use it as a stress reliever when you’re feeling overwhelmed.
  5. Save the Date(s)! Our next WASTECON Executive Summit will take place December 7–10, 2020 in Dallas, Texas! Can’t wait? get to SWANApalooza 2020, March 23-26, 2020 in Atlanta, Georgia where we will focus on all the technical aspects of the solid waste industry, come find out how solutions transform waste into a resource. Register now!