Super Bowl Monday


Super Bowl LIV is here!

Going to work Monday is the last thing we want to think about after the big game, but it is crucial to ensure everyone finishes their workday safely. SWANA is here to provide a few safety tips to help you prepare for Super Bowl Sunday and Monday.

Game Day breakdown: 


  • Plan ahead. Set your alarms before you go about your game day activities. Hydrate, take a nap, and get everything ready for work if you know you’ll be out later than normal.

Kick Off

  • The start of the festivities may begin hours before the kick off. Be prepared to pace yourself and stick to the limits you set for yourself. If you know you have to work early Monday, volunteer to be designated driver or plan to leave by a certain time.


  • Don’t forget to watch the clock. Be aware of what time it is and what time you need to get to sleep to be fully rested the next day. Consider setting an alarm on your phone to remind you to leave by a certain time.

Fourth Quarter

  • Know yourself and your limits. Listen to your body if you start to feel tired or tipsy and make the necessary changes to keep yourself and others safe. Consider referencing a Blood Alcohol Content Calculator to estimate the effects of your consumption if you’re unsure.


  • Celebrate the big win (or mourn the loss) by making it to work safely and on time Monday. If your game plan fails and you are not fit to work, tell your supervisor. It might be uncomfortable but keeping yourself and others safe is your number one priority.


Tell us how you Committed to staying safe this year? Sign the SWANA Safety Pledge with your team to show your commitment to protecting yourself and others from harm every day.



SBeidlemanSarah Beidleman, Marketing Coordinator, SWANA

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