February 14 Weekly Wrap-Up


SWANA's weekly wrap-up will keep you up-to-date with everything that is happening in SWANA and the solid waste industry.

Industry Watch

SWANA's new ARF report looks at the highest shortage of truck drivers in a decade and how it uniquely impacts the waste collection industry. Read More

Udall, Lowenthal, Merkley, Clark Unveil Landmark Legislation to Break Free From Plastic Pollution. Read More

Break Free From Plastic Pollution Act debuts in Congress, instigating packaging EPR debate. Read More

Diapers to bricks: a $100 billion plastic challenge. Read More

National EPR campaign kicks off with anti-plastic film screening, activist support. Read More

Maine packaging EPR bill, a national bellwether, could reshape municipal funding. Read More

Indiana Recycling Coalition announces 30 recycling rock stars. Read More

A Short Guide to OSHA Recordkeeping Requirements. Read More

A day in the life of New York sanitation workers, who get up at 3:30 a.m. to pick up trash in one of the filthiest cities in America. Read More

Republic Services sees 'momentum shift' around recycling contracts, plans solar investment. Read More

As recycling languishes, business leaders endorse U.S. plastic waste legislation. Read More

Vermont finds PFAS in 95% of waste samples, as states increase landfill scrutiny. Read More

Joint solid waste and recycling conference planned in Virginia Beach. Read More

Waste Management predicts March DOJ approval for Advanced deal, with 'robust' divestiture interest. Read More