February 21 Weekly Wrap-Up


SWANA's weekly wrap-up will keep you up-to-date with everything that is happening in SWANA and the solid waste industry.

Industry Watch

It's not too early to think about SWANApalooza. Read More

Garbage man Doug Kiker charms the judges on American Idol 2020. Watch Now

Advanced Disposal reports 2019 growth ahead of pending acquisition by Waste Management. Read More

Pioneering researcher, Dr. Jenna Jambeck, named distinguished professor.Read More

EPA proposes additional amendments to the regulations for coal combustion residuals. Read More

Enexor BioEnergy launches plastic-to-energy system to help solve world's plastic waste problem. Read More

City of Fort Stockton, TX's increases recycling has helped current landfill site. Read More

Composting, recycling by more Central Ohio schools cut landfill garbage. Read More

Holland, MI rethinking recycling system as 'yellow bags' continue losing materials. Read More

Illinois lawmakers propose regulations on plastics. Read More

The next low-carbon energy source? It might be trash. Read More

Top battery recycling states revealed on National Battery Day. Read More

NextGen Cup Challenge, driven by McDonald's and Starbucks, rolls out reusable cup pilot in California. Read More

New York bill would require local waste management plans. Read More

Taming the 'Wild West' of New York's dangerous private trash trucks. Read More

How one woman in New York City makes ends meet by collecting cans. Read More

NYC Sanitation Department ready for Mack's first electric refuse truck. Read More

Recycling Partnership report identifies more than a dozen large cities with curbside expansion potential. Read More

Volume of recyclables processed in the U.S. on the rise. Read More

SCS Engineers becomes 100% ESOP owned. Read More

SCS Engineers expands environmental services in New England. Read More

Tucson to continue every-other week recycling program. Read More

U.S. Senators recycle Oregon's successful bottle bill for national stage. Read More

Vermont trash hauler buys Daley & Sons of Lee. Read More