November 29 Weekly Wrap-Up


SWANA's weekly wrap-up will keep you up-to-date with everything that is happening in SWANA and the solid waste industry.

Industry Watch

The coffee cup gets a radical, desperately needed redesign. Read More

Senators want EPA to teach people how to recycle. Read More

Fairfax County's new glass recycling program shatters expectations. Read More

ISRI, SWANA support RECYCLE Act to improve residential recycling. Read More

Philadelphia reports 50% diversion rate, ongoing 'zero waste' progress. Read More

Composting in Philadelphia. Read More

Portman, Stabenow introduce RECYCLE Act to improve recycling. Read More

Widespread praise for Portman's Bipartisan RECYCLE Act. Read More

RECYCLE Act proposes $75 million for education, with widespread industry support. Read More

Residents feel more favorably toward haulers offering a recycling outreach and incentive program. Read More

Recycling outreach legislation hits US Senate. Read More

Will this be the year Virginia imposes a plastic bag tax? Read More

As Washington county pursues one last landfill expansion, WTE could be next. Read More

Waste Connections cites batteries in trash, recycling fires. Read More

Waste and recycling industry backs $400 million infrastructure bill. Read More